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I have always wanted to start a blog to be able to share my views and opinions about everything I see, hear and touch. Also to be enlightened and learn from other bloggers like myself. I hope anyone who visits my blog learns something from it.



The kimono originally is a traditional robe the Japanese wear. They wear this kimono for different occasions like weddings,festivals, feasts, traditional rites and even dates. Yea, dates and am sure you know what am talking about. They sew these kimonos by hand beautifully and wore them for their different occasions.

Kimono in other countries like ours i.e Nigeria and The United States e.t.c have a different idea of what a kimono looks like and how they are worn. Young women wear their kimonos fashionably and style it in different ways. It could be a sleeveless kimono, a short sleeved kimono, long sleeved or wide sleeved. Anyway you want it.

Kimono for me is a must have. Styled properly, its gorgeous and mature, gives you that classy look and makes you look responsible and chic. In the pictures below, you’ll see the different ways you can wear your kimono.01-042ed402e92c94974e5bbd8ed2b7c176

Wearing a long kimono with a denim trouser and a crop top or a tank top.


A short kimono with wide sleeves and a shirt tucked in your shorts. Its comfortable and can be worn to a party or girls night out.



colorful kimono and shorts to match.

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Beautiful people am back again. Hope you all are having a splendid day. Just came by to drop these photos of the beautiful ankara fabrics and for you to see how ankara can be played with. I love the way people combine fabrics and make something beautiful with it. How ankara is used to design anything, evening gowns, pants, even bomber jackets that we thought we could only order from other countries. Nigerian designers now make any and everything with ankara and are definitely earning a good living from it. What can’t we do? We are intelligent, strong and talented.

Screenshot_2017-09-05-12-55-57-1.pngThe beautiful Tiwa Savage in this beautiful piece made with ankara fabrics.

Screenshot_2017-09-05-15-24-19-1Male clothing made with African fabric.

Anyone can look really good in ankara fabrics and be classy and sophisticated. Ok. Bye.


Fashion is one thing a woman CANNOT avoid or do without. Putting on the right clothes gives you confidence and edge wherever you are. Fashion for some woman means exposing themselves thinking they are attractive that way, for others its wearing the trending clothes so they could feel important in the society which is not totally bad. For me, fashion is wearing sexy but elegant and classy(covering up though), putting on confidence and letting the beautiful you glow for the world to see. What am happy about the most is the fact that we have very lovely designers here in Nigeria who add love and passion to the designs and are aimed to please. I love fablane by derin, bubu blaq, style temple, tubo and many others i can’t begin to mention but they have something about them that makes their designs really unique and to die for. Another thing i love about Nigerian designers is the way they play with fabrics, combining and adding color and meaning to the dress. Take a look at the dress below by bubu blaq.

Screenshot_2017-09-05-12-55-03-1.pngThe way she combined two fabrics is so amazing and beautiful. LOVE IT!!!!

I want you to take a look at the dress you are going to see below. How elegant and magnificent. This has nothing to do with colors but it has everything to do with class, beauty, royalty and womanhood. Dakore is a queen in this dress by Sevondejana. Every woman should have a dress like this in her closet for when your man wants to take you to a ball or maybe for your wedding anniversary. Bottom line is different outfits for different occasions and this dress is it!!! This is to die for. Thumbs up @sevondejanaScreenshot_2017-09-05-12-56-48-1.pngGirls wake up, dress up and slay.


I am a 29 year old woman living in the beautiful city of Abuja, Nigeria . I loveeeee fashion and lifestyle generally.  I love adventure and trying new things. I am very ambitious and determined whenever i want to get something done. There’s a lot am  yet to uncover about myself, but i know one thing for sure. I am beautiful and elegant, i am strong and an achiever. I am now a blogger and am really excited about it. I may not have captured your heart with this little piece, but i bet subsequently you’ll be intrigued and very interested. Ok, bye.